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Grind on me and night sex

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I need a bi submissive woman open to do as I tell her and when. I understand that the submission of a female is a cherished thing and should be qnd and respected by the person who a female submits to. Explore fantasies without cheating. Make me cum ladies Im a BBW and seeking for a long term relationship not just Grind on me and night sex.

Age: 41
Relationship Status: Not married
Seeking: I Search Sexual Encounters
City: Seattle, WA
Hair: Dyed brown
Relation Type: Trying To Eat Some Pussy In The Fan

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And so the story unfolds…. So I followed my busty blonde blue eyed wife one day from work.

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And what I saw not only rocked me, but almost made me cum in my pants. It was rush hour in NYC.

As I followed her down the stairs of the subway station, I realized she was heading in the opposite direction from home. She darted into a crowded subway car, I barely managed to get in myself.

I Wanting Dick Grind on me and night sex

Everything seemed normal enough at the time, with the exception of her detour. I watched her from afar and appreciated her beauty from a different prospective; almost as if she was a stranger.

She had on a black raincoat, black skirt just above her kneewhite silky blouse and black pumps with white stockings. I knew the outfit well.

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It was one of my favorites. Her nipples would poke through the material and the skirt hugged her ass and draped across her thighs.

Her golden hair was down and cascaded over her shoulders. Then I saw her shift closer to the anc in the middle of the train.

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She stood there, still. I sensed something was either happening or going to happen.

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I noticed that right by her was this black guy standing behind her. And it seemed as if she was pushing her ass out so that it rubbed against his crotch.

At first nght was caught by surprised not as much as I wasbut soon he appreciated the situation.

It took no time for his pants to bulge out in front of him. Instead, it looked as if she pushed back harder, standing with her legs apart. This went on for what felt like an eternity.

The black guy put his hands on her hips a drew her closer nad him. He was actually grinding his cock into her ass and she was loving it!

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Her body perpendicular to his front. Her arm against his bulging crotch. I could see that she was very slightly applying pressure to his in. He smiled at her.

She turned slowly and faced him. Her hand was now grabbing at his crotch.

His hand was inside her raincoat and sx like he had found her pussy. My wife then pulled his zipper down and stuck her hand in.

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Out came this giant fat cock. The head was enormous. She squeezed the head and circled it with her oj. She began to stroke the shaft. At first very slow, very tight.

The black guy was in heaven. She stroked his thick cock faster and faster. It was as if a milk container had fallen on her thighs.

And then just like that, she abruptly got off the next station and headed home, as if nothing had happened. It was the night that changed our lives sex lives forever.

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She confided in me that the guy was a total stranger and that this is one of her many sexual escapades and fetishes.

She loves arousing strangers in public and making them cum. Subway Grind Posted on August 27, 4: Since Grind on me and night sex we have combined her lust for cock with my hunger to watch her. This is a true account of an event that my wife and I shared a few years back.

My wife and I had bee It all started when my wife and I were on our way to New Hampshire for a little mini vacation away f